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Jabal Shams Long Absail No Kids

Friday - 08/12/2023

About the trip


We will start the adventure at the top of Jabel Shams with a short hike to the via Feratta. We will go down one stage of the via Feratta and make our way to the 150 meter drop. After abseiling down the longest abseil in Oman we will go to the hidden pool to enjoy the place & have a break. Then we will hike about 200 meters up back to to the via Ferrata to climb up 400 meters back to the cars which is 1 km after the climb. 

The via Ferrata can be separated into 3 stages and difficulty: 

  • First stage 50 meters (hard)
  • Second stage (easy)
  • Third stage (medium) (this is the stage we will go down in the beginning, then back up once done with the 150 meter abseiling)

While climbing the via Ferrata you will need Uper body strength.



Trip Details

Bring with you:
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle
  • Full sports outfit
  • Suitable shoes for the adventure
  • Snacks & water for the adventure
  • High level of fitness
  • Gloves for abseil + via ferrata
Included in this trip:
  • climbing gear
  • Ropes
  • Certifid guides
  • Lunch after hike

We can provide transportation from the meeting point to the adventure starting point and return, with an additional fee of 5 OMR

Meeting Points