Wadi Hatt

Saturday - 24/06/2023

About the trip


The adventure starts from the car park with a mountain hike of 500 meters down until the beginning of the wadi, after which we continue our hike in the middle of the wadi. We start by jumping in the cold pools and swimming in them to continue the adventure, and there are several places that take the form of caves, through which the hike is until reaching the point of walking uphill by an incline of 280 meters to the end where the cars are.



Trip Details

Bring with you:
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Medium level of fitness.
  • Gloves for abseiling.
  • Waterproof bag.
  • Full sport outfit.
  • Suitable shoes for adventure.
  • Snacks & water for the adventure.
  • Controlled acrophobia.
Included in this trip:
  • Climbing gears
  • Ropes
  • Certified guides
  • Lifejackets
  • First aid kit
  • Post adventure lunch

We provide round trip transportation from the meeting point for an additional fee of 5 OMR

Meeting Points