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Umq Bear No Kids

Friday - 26/05/2023

About the trip


We begin the adventure at the village of Umq Beer at an altitude of 900 meters at the source of Wadi Tiwi. The hike includes countless water pools, a couple of abseils and entering the majestic cave of the wadi. Swimming compromises about 80% of this adventure with various pool distances, as well as hiking, scrambling and jumping until we reach the village of Mibam.

Important: The dirt road from Qalhat to the camping point at Umq Beer is very mountainous and uneven, the drive is about 2.5 hrs. The adventure is very long which requires a strong mental & physical body, it could continue till late at night therefore a head torch is required.



Trip Details

Bring with you:
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle
  • Gloves for abseiling.
  • High level of fitness
  • Head Torch
  • Waterproof bag.
  • Full sport outfit.
  • Suitable shoes for adventure.
  • Camping gear (sleeping bag)
  • Snacks & water for the adventure.
  • Controlled acrophobia.
Included in this trip:
  • Climbing gears
  • Ropes
  • Certified guides
  • First aid kit 
  • Post adventure lunch

We provide round trip transportation from the meeting point for an additional fee of 7 OMR.

Meeting Points